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"Free" email providers aren't really free.

They mine your data and sell it to advertisers. In other words, they make money by reading your email.

Yak.email is different. We don't read your email, and we never share your information with marketers.


We hate ads as much as you do.

Seriously, ads suck. We promise to never display ads in your inbox. We believe in providing a quality email service at a fair price.

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About Yak.email

What is it?

It's just email. Plain old email, with all of the garbage removed. No ads, no data mining, and no bloated interfaces with "features" you never use.

Who should use it?

Anyone, really. But people who are tired of ads appearing in every facet of their life will probably find it the most appealing.

Advertising has a place, but not in your inbox. We believe that analyzing personal communications and sharing that information with marketers is wrong.

Is there a free version?

No. Running an email service requires computing, storage, and human resources. Other companies let you pay with your personal data, making you the product, which is then sold to advertisers.

At Yak.email, email is the product. We help you maintain your email freedom, keeping the large cloud companies and their advertising partners out of your personal communications.

Ok, so how does it work?

Just like any other email service (minus the nasty bits).

You can access your @yak.email account via our online portal, the default email app on your smartphone, or using a traditional desktop email client (we Thunderbird).

Why does it end in .email?

There are now over 1,000 top-level domains. Since all of the good .com domains are taken, now we have everything from .ads (boo!) to .wine (yay!).

We are an email service, so our website ends in .email. If this feels strange to you now, don't worry – it will eventually feel normal.

A @yak.email address is short & sweet. In fact, it's the exact same length as @gmail.com or @yahoo.com and shorter than most others.

Only $25/year

We believe in simple pricing, so we only offer one plan.

Includes 2GB of growing storage

Storage starts at 2GB and grows by 2GB every year! After one year your inbox capacity will grow to 4GB, after two years it will grow to 6GB, and on, and on, and on...

Premium usernames start at only $8

Usernames of 5 characters or more are free, but if you want a really short username it can be yours for a low, one-time fee:

5 char+ 4 char 3 char 2 char
Free! $8 $30 $100

Important notice.

Yak.email is a new service in the very early stages of development. Currently, we are only taking username reservations. Once we have received ~100 reservations we will move toward the next step of activating accounts.

Update August 2016:  Reservations are now closed indefinitely.

Yak.email FAQ

Who can sign up?

For now the service is available to individuals who can validate their account with a U.S. phone number.

Can I use my own domain with your service?

At this time we only offer @yak.email accounts.

Do you offer POP access?

No. We only offer IMAP access.

How secure is it?

We follow email security best practices including the use of TLS and SSL encryption and authenticating all messages with SPF and DKIM.

How private is it?

More private than most. We will not willingly share your information with any third party unless we are required by law to do so. When you agree to our terms of service, you agree not to use Yak.email for any illegal purposes. By honoring this agreement it is unlikely that we would be put in a position where we are legally required to disclose your data.

We strictly limit third-party access to our servers, however we do use Amazon Web Services to host many of our email servers. Their privacy policy can be found here.